Land art and site specific sculpture - land art uses the environment and its scale as its material. Concrete art is expressed in material itself with which the artist introduces her non-representational objective. Public art can be viewed and accessed by observers.
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A site specific sculpture in Holland, in Ridderkerk at the Farel School.
Farel -1988|1990 parallel rows of Italian poplar trees and steel elements - here the red construction around which the layout pivots - 40mm painted steel - 500X 500x150cm - Farel School - NL

I have been working as a sculptor since the end of the sixties. In that period I received my first commission to make an environmental art project, which as I later realized was one of the first urban land art projects. This was an enclosed garden for the DSW plant in Dordrecht, Holland. However enclosed in walls, it is still a space where the public can go. Since then I have carried out various site specific works. I work with various techniques and materials, not being bound to one area. Most of my work as a sculptor up to now has been made in steel, as it is readily available and versatile. Since my weatherproof steel sculptures I have been working mostly in monumental, geometric linear forms in stainless steel.

Some works complement their surroundings, others create a new environment in themselves. In some instances, as is the case with my own studio, the evident functional requirements were a new challenge for me.

My public sculpture and site specific works can be seen in fifty-five CITIES. The scale models which I have made for many of my site specific art projects are now on this site.

Models and maquettes of my site specific sculptures can be seen in the new section on models as were used in the original proposals.

Next to doing regular sculpture I have participated in symposiums which resulted in permanent, as well as temporary works. There are also a few examples of monuments and gravestones which I have made.

Whenever possible, I like to paint, draw, sketch and photograph from nature. The last years this has been less frequent compared to the beginning of my career. I still make many sketches and drawings for my proposals.

There are pages on this website about the construction, and installation of my site specific works.

see the cooliris presentation of site specific sculptures and land art an overview

Definitions of the various fields of sculpture in which I work. Art is in motion, and definitions of art forms move along with it. Usually definitions overlap, one covering a broader field that the other-

Bronze portrait of Nicolas Schaap.
Nicolas, a bronze portrait from the seventies.
The anniversary flag of the Dutch Sculptors' Association (Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers) on the tower of the Dordrecht Grotekerk.
A flag designed for the Dutch Sculptors Association in 1993

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